About Laxman Vyas

Laxman Vyas

A renowned Artist and Sculptor

“Lakshya Racheyata”

“Live a life with no set of rules & regulations, but with a simplicity, integrity and dignity will definitely bring out the best in you and you will achieve what you dreamt of.”

--Laxman Vyas

(A renowned Artist & Sculptor)

His family wanted him to become a government official when he grew up. His father’s dream was to see him as a professor in a college or university, but Laxman always dreamt of becoming a sculptor.

Laxman Vyas is a great personality, born in 1978 in a small town of Nohar, Hanumangarh in Rajasthan, grew up to fulfill his dream. Laxman did Higher Secondary education in Fine Arts. To pursue his further study, the artist migrated to Jaipur to complete his graduation in B.F.A. in sculpture and thereafter, successfully graduated from the University of Rajasthan in the year 2000. By receiving scholarship twice from Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, in 1997 & 1998; hence proved that he made no mistake in choosing his dream career or his passion.

Laxman participated in several Art Exhibitions and received awards, which resulted in his focus on shaping the career as a sculpture. His dedication, devotion, love and passion for the art made him successfully complete. He has sculpted more than 100 statues in different parts of the country which has made him an iconic artist in the eyes of art lovers and reputed personalities.

Inspiration - Laxman becomes renowned “Laxman Vyas”

He believes in living a life with no set of rules & regulations, but with a simplicity, integrity and dignity. When asked about “what made him a renowned artist (Sculptor)”; he replied: “Nature”. Nature has played a very vital role in his life to pursue his dream of becoming an Artist (Sculptor).

In order to strengthen the courage to pursue his dream of becoming an artist (sculptor), Laxman has followed famous artist Ram V. Sutar. This great artist Ram became his source of inspiration. Artist Ram V. Sutar’s life and work, and above all his down to earth attitude made him look at life from a different angle. The spirit of patriotism was there in Laxman from the very beginning, like the rays of the rising sun. It engulfed his whole existence and he started sculpting statues of Indian National Heros. Indian national heroes are his specialties as he has great honor for them. Laxman is specialized in “Bronze” & “Gun – Metal”, and mould his sculpture with “Italian Lost Wax Technique, which is an ancient and most reliable form of molding. His efforts have been dedicated, as in our country art is considered as something divine, and one can not deny the fact that unless you put your soul into it, nothing can be achieved. As a patriotic person, Laxman has a great respect for the legendary heroes, who made our country proud by their chivalry and sacrifice. He always sculpts the statues keeping in mind our next generation, who would be inspired by seeing them, and the spirit of love and dedication for their motherland would grow in them.

Rise to Fame and Fortune. . .

Laxman Vyas was definitely a kid who dreamt of being a sculptor and to make statues of famous personalities from an early age. As he grew old, he had set up goals in his life and started to dream about it. However, his family wanted him to be a lecturer or to become a Government official, but Laxman had some other plans for himself. During his childhood days, just like every parent does; Noticing his zeal and passion towards art, his parents started supporting him and he just loved it! It was something that he had always wished for and he started his journey to become a famous sculptor. His passion for statues and sculpture is definitely a part of who he is. His dedication and devotion towards his work has made him “Laxman Vyas” as one of the significant bronze sculptor artists of this 20th century. His artworks have been displayed in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and in other Indian states.

For the last sixteen years, Laxman has been working in his foundry and studio - “The Studio Shilpik” in Jaipur with his team of artists spread across 2000 sq. yard. The Studio Shilpik has witnessed the numerous artists and workers creating works of marvel and bringing the metals to life. The Studio is his second home, where he finds peace and serenity. Indeed, The Studio Shilpik has been his worship place.